The mysterious Jeffrey Glass

G+T is the brainchild of Jeffrey Glass…you’ll be wondering who he is. Here’s the story.
We met Mr Glass back in 2018 on a Saturday evening at the Carnegie Club in New York. Jeffrey was serving clients his best cocktails all night long. We were fascinated by the way he masterfully juggled his cocktail blender and mixed his best drinks for each single one of us, so we started chatting to him.
We found out that his dream had always been to design a lamp using his legendary cocktail mixer and there and then the idea for the G+T lamp came to life – not from a designer, but from a New York barman!
We eventually went back to see him (and taste a few more of his famous Gin and Tonics) in the hope that more brilliant ideas might spring from his mind.
In the meantime, let’s enjoy Jeffrey Glass’s work.
Jeffrey Glass, Barman, born 1965, New York City.

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