AIR, by Adam Tihany

A suspension lamp with contemporary lines, Air stands out for its simple and refined design. Adam Tihany appreciates Contardi’s sartorial approach, its archi-decorative functional-aesthetic code, the attention to the theme of sustainability, and the company’s extraordinary technical know-how.

Air combines design quality, cutting-edge technology, and an unprecedented green philosophy that encompasses each component of the product, aiming to explore the idea of conscious lighting in depth.

Adam Tihany

"Air, as inspiration for the design of a product, is a vast and elusive concept. Invisible, light, and substantial at the same time, air is an absolutely essential element for life on the planet. Air, made of 100% recyclable material, allows the surrounding air to flow freely through its artistic cuts."

Adam Tihany, designer

The suspended body of Air is in fact made of Green Cast®, a 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic material obtained from end-of-life products and industrial processing waste, reused through a circular process. Green Cast® can be repurposed an infinite number of times and never loses its aesthetic, mechanical and thermal qualities.


Air expresses in its purest essence the archi-decorative quality of Contardi’s lights, combined with the company’s constant drive towards product and process innovation – as well as with the commitment to drastically reduce the waste of materials through high-intensity lighting, creative ingenuity, and low environmental impact.

Air is available in the small and large suspension version

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