New Contardi showroom

Contardi Lighting inaugurates the first store, in Milan, in the prestigious and central light district.

BAGGY, by Paola Navone - OTTO Studio

Collection of lamps with an informal and playful mood: Baggy, by Paola Navone - OTTO Studio

STICK, by Studiopepe

Inspired by the most essential polygon, the triangle, the Stick lamps by Studiopepe, interpret the lighting in its most artistic and evocative

FLY, by Massimiliano Raggi

Product with a strong expressive force and at the same time light: Fly, by Massimiliano Raggi

BIANCA, by Dainelli Studio

Functional product, unique and attractive: Bianca, designed by Dainelli Studio.

CLARA, by CaberlonCaroppi

Clara: versatile, dynamic and transversal lighting. The new lamp designed by CaberlonCaroppi

KIKI, by Contardi Studio

Modular, functional and decorative product: Kiki, by Contardi Studio

AIR, by Adam Tihany

Design, innovation and recyclability: new frontiers for greener lighting

ASIA, by Federico Peri

Asia, by Federico Peri: a collection characterized by a clean and linear form, with a strong personality.
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