Dabass Bar & Restaurant - Milano (Italy)

Dabass in Milan was born from an idea of three entrepreneurs who have transformed a former bookshop into a cosy restaurant with an artistic and intimate soul. The retro-styled location enchants thanks to several iconic pieces of Contardi collection: Calypso SO and Kubric SO illuminate the dining tables, while Treasure SO Deluxe lamps enrich the […]

Les Petites Madeleines - Torino (Italy)

On February 2016 the Turin Palace Hotel completed its offer with the opening of Les Petites Madeleines. gourmet restaurant. The interiors were entrusted to the architect Patrizia Poli and Margherita Marzot, who chose lighting fixtures of great impact: Contardi supplied the restaurant with Muse Lantern SO, Messalina AP and Cornelia FL in bronze finish.

Malaspina Restaurant - Parma (Italy)

The architectural and interior design concept by Maurizio di Mauro combined with the lighting project in collaboration with Marcello Colli have renovated the look of this ‘900 bistrot. Each room is chromatically and aesthetically characterised, also highlighted by the use of Solitario in different variations, standard and custom: ceiling lights with lenses to emphasise the […]

59 Restaurant & il Bistrò - Pesaro (Italy)

The modern restaurant evokes the glamour of the late 50s, the dolce vita and the carefreeness of those times. The bistrò has the features of a lounge bar and the style of a New York bakery. Both locations have been designed by arch. Andrea Fogli and entirely illuminated by Contardi Coco Mega AP and Divina […]

The Nordic Grill - Milano (Italy)

Nordic Grill is the typical steakhouse of the Northern Countries, a unique place where cuisine and design mix together creating a warm and elegant atmosphere. The open kitchen on the living room, with the always burning large grill, the fireplace and the relax corner, where you can listen to music sitting on the sofas, are […]
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