Chatting with... Studiopepe

C: Favourite music artist or band?

C: Florence and the machine,
and Joy division
A: Lou Reed and Pink Floyd

C: A cocktail?

C: Pimm’s A: Ugo

C: Let's move on to design... Minimalism or Maximalism?

C & A: Neither of them embodies our ideal. We believe that simplicity in shapes, combined with interesting materials, is the style that best reflects us. We like a balance between these two worlds.

C: The master or the masters of design who made you who you are today?

C & A: So many, actually. Just to name a few, Giò Ponti, Nanda Vigo, Ettore Sottsass and Bruno Munari.

C: Favoruite architecture or monument?

C: The EUR district in Rome A: Fontana by Aldo Rossi in Milan


C: What does it mean to design a lighting product?

C & A: Every time we approach the design of a new product, a new challenge begins. In particular, when designing lighting elements, this means considering that the object's own shape will affect the type of light produced, and therefore the luminous atmosphere. We also pay great attention to the choice of materials.

"Designing a lighting product means considering that the object's own shape will affect the final lighting effect."

C: How was it and how is it working with Contardi?

C & A: From the beginning, our collaboration took a constructive and unexpected turn that allowed us to wrap up the Stick range project in a relatively short time – especially with the pandemic in between. We really appreciated Contardi’s expertise in solving some technical problems regarding the type of lighting effect we wanted to obtain. The Stick collection, due to its linear and simple shapes, required a lot of attention in the fine-tuning phase, to maximize the final lighting effect.

C: How was the collection born? What inspired you?

C & A:  We were inspired by simple shapes, like the triangle, and also by the crystal prism that refracts light. In our projects we often like to start from archetypes; after all, Bruno Munari, a pioneer of Italian design, has written a lot about them. The equilateral triangle is the simplest shape, and for this reason we find it as a basic structure in nature – even in the case of more complex combinations. We have therefore interpreted this simple but far from elementary form in different compositions that make up the Stick range.

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