Contardi à la mode

Our passion for using fine fabrics that we often incorporate in our designs, and the skilful tailoring style, have become a distinctive key feature of our lights – they are truly unique and have a strong personality, just like a designer dress.

This passion has led us to explore collaborations with fashion companies. We are pleased to announce that two of our most iconic lights, the Calypso suspension and the outdoor lamp Babu, have been chosen by Italian footwear brand, Queen Helena Shoes, for a photo shoot in the exclusive setting of our partner’s interior design showroom, TheSign – located right in the centre of the Eternal City, Rome.

Both lamps lend themselves very well to representing the marriage between interior design and fashion, and provide the ideal backdrop for a glamorous photo shoot – Calypso, designed by Servomuto, for its colourful fabric, shapes and exotic allure; and Babu, designed by Massimiliano Raggi, for the combination of patterns, tribal motifs and velvet trimmings.

Brand: Queen Helena Shoes // Starring: Manila Nazzaro // Location: THESIGN Srl // Directed by: Marco Scorza

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