Contardi Academy - Report 1

In recent years, Contardi has set itself the goal of designing more and moreĀ functional and decorative collections,
which have important lighting performance, with different ways of use.

For this reason, Contardi, in collaboration with Marcello Colli - lighting designer, is pleased to present the first Contardi Academy report:
a guide that arises from the need to combine specific knowledge of the archi-decorative 
product, with the ability to design a space both in residential and public areas, for indoors or outdoors.

In the coming months, new reports will follow, treating different topics with the scope to suggest the best use
of Contardi products within different projects and deepen the knowledge of all their characteristics.

"With the support of the Contardi team,
we aimed to produce this report
with intention of supporting architects,
interior designers and collaborators to 
learn more about light and 
the Contardi collection."

Marcello Colli, lighting designer

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