FLY, by Massimiliano Raggi

Fly was born from the desire to design a product with a strong expressive force and at the same time light, like a pencil that runs longitudinally along the surface of a white sheet.

A graphic sign whose proportions affirm the identity of an orthogonal structure that becomes essential luminous sculpture.

Through a process of subtraction the luminous body, when turned on, disappears, revealing the mere presence of light.

Fly ap remote


The double-sided profile, in its simplicity, allows to orient the light and emphasize it depending on the cut from which it emanates, distributing it in a timely and sophisticated way.

Fly floor long


The search for finishes, such as satin golden nickel or nickel bronze and anthracite, make the indoor lamps modern, versatile, and easily adaptable to different contexts.


Fly outdoor


Fly, is a clear example of the philosophy of Contardi, to bring the indoor world outside, maintaining the same decorative characteristics and product quality for interior, without forgetting the pragmatic aspect concerning the intended use.

The Fly collection, extends with two versions outdoor floor, with height 600mm and 900mm, in bronze and black laquered finishes.

Massimiliano Raggi

“I am linked to Contardi by a professional relationship, of fondness and friendship, which has lasted for over 15 years. I have grown up together with the brand, watching its growth and contributing to bring out its characteristics, its archi-decorative aesthetic code, gradually bringing it into the universe of lighting design, where Fly represents my contribution for Euroluce 2023.”

Fly collection is also available in wall and suspension versions, with or without vela and in picture version.

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