G+T Battery - Chapter 3

Here we are at the last chapter of our G+T story, and the mysterious Jeffrey Glass has hit the mark once again!

The wall-mounted version of the G+T Battery lamp is always portable yet stylish and provides a sleek lighting solution wherever you are – especially in one of our favourite places in the house, the bedroom.

The arm, which remains the same in all versions, is made of brass, covered in soft brown braided leather. As a wall-mounted version, it can be used as an elegant bedside-table lamp, and it promises to direct a focused beam of illumination exactly when and where you need it

Video Art Direction: Studio MILO // Videomaker: Luca Cocco // Fornitures: Saba Italia // Bed sheets and blankets: Society Limonta // Model Agency: Simple Ag // Model: Shelly Chinaglia

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