G+T Battery - Light to go

Switch on your creativity with G+T, designed by Jeffery Glass, a multifunctional and innovative lamp born from the need to bring light everywhere.

G+T or GIN&TONIC, whose iconic lampshade is inspired by the jigger for cocktails, is the flagship of Contardi’s technological research and innovation – a light created to be flexible and add a touch of luxury and refinement to every environment.

G+T Battery has a magnetic detail that allows it to be conveniently affixed to metal surfaces and, thanks to the optional accessories it becomes a multifunctional light, which provides an ideal lighting solution, wherever you are!

The arm, which remains the same in all versions, is made of brass, covered in soft brown braided Italian leather. The wall-mounted version can be used as an elegant bedside-table lamp, and it promises to direct a focused beam of illumination exactly when and where you need it.

With an adjustable table bracket it becomes a stylish and functional task light, ideal to be used for your home office desk, and thanks to an elegant leather accessory with counterweight, it can be clipped to an armchair or a sofa. The perfect solution for relaxing in the company of a good book and… a cocktail.

Key characteristics of G+T Battery:

Portability - battery-operated.

Functionality - provided with three different fixing tools and three intensity of light.

Flexibility - one light for several uses.

A truly bright choice for use in any refined and classy environment. Thank you, Jeffrey.

Watch our new G+T Battery video now!

Video Art Direction: Studio MILO // Videomaker: Luca Cocco // Furnitures: Saba Italia & Giorgetti S.p.A. // Bed sheets and blankets: Society Limonta // Model Agency: Simple Ag // Model: Shelly Chinaglia

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