Light up your outdoor moments

It’s time to dare, with the fresh colour combinations of Muse Outdoor.

The home is an extremely important place, where it is essential to feel good and at ease with functional furnishings that have great personality; this has led to a desire for unique and characterful environments. Contardi spring/summer 2021 proposal is intended to design a welcoming and distinctive home that pays attention to the relationship with nature and outdoor spaces without sacrificing elegance and contemporaneity.

So, let’s make room for colour – don’t be afraid to dare!

As part of this year’s Contardi campaign “Light Up your Outdoor Moments”, the first proposal for spring/summer 2021 presents new and exciting colour combinations of the iconic Muse Outdoor lamp – now also available in the large version of the portable Muse Battery.

The geometric metal frame of Muse is presented in champagne colour with a burgundy breaded leather handle; another version has a white metal structure and mustard handle; and there is also a very fresh and summery blue frame with a white handle.

Vivid hues of mustard and burgundy, combined with pure white and golden champagne tones, will create contemporary spaces that form a focal point, giving a natural accent to any environment. The two colours of summer par excellence, white and blue, will create a timeless combination that never goes out of style, adding a rich and distinctive personality to outdoor living spaces.

Browse the new spring/summer 2021 colours of the Muse Outdoor and discover the extensive Contardi Outdoor range.  

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