Ongo Bon Ton

Inspired by the stylistic codes of 1930s Parisian fashion, Ongo, by Jessica Corr, is enriched with three new variants in perfect Bon Ton style.

The black base, in contrast with the white lampshade, gives the object an impeccable sophistication. The base echoes the lines of a timeless classic, the sheath dress; while the lampshade recalls the look of an iconic accessory: the wide-brimmed hat.

Thanks to its small size, the Ongo lamp can be placed on tables, coffee tables, desks or bedside tables, to create soft, enveloping lighting around it.

The new Ongo Bon Ton is an expression of that indissoluble link between aesthetics and utility, function and decoration, which is the hallmark of our brand.

The Ongo collection is also enriched with two new version: total white and total red.

Ongo is the ideal furnishing accessory for the residential and hospitality sectors – a clever object that can be the star performer of a finely set table, a bedroom with a refined style, or a corner of the house that wants to be noticed.

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