Eclisse SO

Through new innovative and unique techniques was born the Eclisse Chandelier. A suspension lamp with three multi-sized rings made of wood, the Eclisse stands out by using a new method of painting wood with metal powders; creating the illusion of a satin bronze & light satin bronze metal finish, while offering the benefit of a lighter weight, more sustainable fixture. The two side rings emit a soft light diffused by a special acrylic material with characteristic veining similar to that of marble. The main light is a dimmable
COB LED built in to the canopy and focused on the main ring with the objective of creating a shadowing effect reminiscent of an Eclipse, or in Italian Eclisse. The two light sources can be controlled separately and the current is led through coaxial suspension cables without any power cable, guaranteeing the maximum neatness of form. Now also available in a total white finish.

Year of release: 2015

Light source:
1 X 18W COB LED +
1 X 17W Strip LED +
1 X 19W Strip LED
Light Emission: 2.400 Lm +
1.400 Lm Dimmable
2.700 K; CRI: >90


Alicrite with alabaster effect
Satin bronze
White painted wood
Wood painted wood
Dark bronze painted wood and light bronze painted wood


Satin Bronze
White painted wood
Dark bronze painted wood
Light bronze painted wood


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