Muse Lantern Outdoor Battery

Medium / Large


Muse Lantern Outdoor can be battery-powered or wired. In the wired version the light source is placed inside a glass cylinder that is suitably sealed to guarantee IP65 protection. For the battery-powered version, a particularly interesting solution has been created: reproducing the shape of a light bulb in engraved plexiglass that, stimulated by a LED source hidden in the internal part of the structure, seems to emanate its own light. The bronze finish of Muse Lantern has obviously been treated to resist in outdoor spaces and weathering, with a braided leather handle. The plastic diffuser in the Lantern version keep the transparent amber finish.

Year of release: 2013

Light source:
1 X 3W
Custom LED
Light Emission: 430 Lm
3.000 K; CRI: >90


Amber finish acrilyc


Brushed bronze
Honey Braided Silk


Painted bronze
Brown braided leather


Amber acrylic

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