Muse lantern outdoor battery

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Muse Lantern Outdoor can be battery operated or wired. In the wired version, the light source is placed inside a glass cylinder which is suitably sealed to ensure IP65 protection. The new battery model maintains the characteristics of the lantern but with a more sophisticated touch: the light source has a new look that makes it much more contemporary and captivating.

The simulation of the light bulb creates an alternation of lines, giving it a more modern appearance, while also guaranteeing better performance. Both versions are now available in small, medium and large sizes. The bronze finish of the Muse Lantern has been treated to withstand outdoor spaces and atmospheric conditions, with a handle in woven leather. The plastic diffuser in the Outdoor version remains in a transparent amber finish.

Year of release: 2021

Light source:
1 x 3W
LED module
Light emission: 430 Lm
3.000 K; CRI: >90

Autonomy: 6/8 hours
Life cycles: 600
Charging time: 4 hours
Supplied with battery charger


Bronze lacquered - Marine grade with cataphoresis treatment
Brown braided leather handle


Amber finish acrylic
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