CASA DC featuring Calypso


The exotic allure of Calypso Martinique sets the tone for this charming apartment in the Apulia region of Italy.

Casa DC is located in a typical Italian residential block from the late 1970s, in the Apulian town of Monopoli. The apartment has been recently painstakingly renovated by a young and creative local architect, Alessandra Notarangelo.

The idea behind this project was to restore light to a 150 sqm apartment by redistributing the spaces and expanding the living area towards the sleeping area. The final result is a space which is completely transformed, so as to give importance to the convivial spaces, emphasising the kitchen and living area and dividing them from the sleeping area.

An alternation of pastel and stronger colours, and the use of patterns for both the furniture and the walls, are the trademarks of this lovely project. For the lighting of the dining area, the new Calypso Martinique XL pendant, designed by Servomuto, in a mustard-coloured lampshade goes very well with the rest of the ambience and adds a touch of warmth to the dining experience.

Oak parquet flooring, laid in an Italian herringbone pattern, provides a decorative design; this creates a common thread in the environment, making it essential and harmonious enough to become an ideal home for a young family.

Project by: Arch. Alessandra Notarangelo  |  Photo credits: Fabio Grande  |  Calypso designed by: Servomuto

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