Rethink your interior with Contardi

The versatility of Contardi products joins the innovative solutions of the wonderful location of OnHouse

We passionately believe that the right lighting can completely change the way we feel about an interior. It’s like painting a picture – as the different elements illuminate various areas of an environment, we see the space transformed before our eyes. Our new collection translates extreme versatility and innovative solutions into elegant signature interiors, through an understated play of sophisticated materials, colours and finishes, which give the decor an unmistakable identity. To showcase our new multifaceted indoor and outdoor offer, which expresses the creativity of top designers, we have chosen a very special high-spec setting in the heart of the city: OnHouse Milano. With the lighting designed exclusively for OnHouse Milano, we wanted to tell a story where our lights are the true protagonists – thanks to the unique blend of decorative and functional aspects, which are key elements of every Contardi product.

Every corner, every piece of furniture and every green space of the property comes alive with the ideal light companion; thus, it becomes part of a narrative that interprets contemporary living with intelligence, style and personality.

Follow us inside this stunning luxury show home, illuminated by Contardi.

Bogotà and Fly, designed by Massimiliano Raggi || Asia, designed by Federico Peri || Lagoon, designed by Servomuto

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