TENEBRA, by Jan Van Lierde

Tenebra, available in indoor and outdoor versions, battery or wired, which thanks to its minimal design and refined finishes, is suitable for any type of environment, such as reception, restaurants and bars.


Tenebra is the first IP65 rechargeable battery suspension lamp from the Contardi outdoor collection.

The battery life is 8/9 hours and is charged through USB type C port commonly used for smartphones and tablets of the latest generation.

Supplied with accessories and steel cable to be "hooked" and installed in a wide variety of contexts, from a tree branch to a pergola arbour rather than an outdoor tent. Switch by the pressure of the tube.


The wired version, unlike the Tenebra battery, consists of a cable and a rose window, which connect the ceiling lamp. The cable, adjustable in length, makes the lamp versatile and easily adaptable to different contexts.

Tenebra battery and wired diffusers

Available in two different versions: TENEBRA with spot light without diffuser and TENEBRA CRYSTAL with synthetic crystal diffuser that give color and three-dimensionality to the light.

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