The catalogue

The new universe of Contardi

One of the greatest achievements of this long process is the renewed communication approach, where the catalogue is the cornerstone,
which unites new products and bestseller collections that have been restyled in collaboration with MONOMIO.
In addition to this, we launched a new special section named "Tailoring". This is a tribute to the reputation
of "Couturier of Contemporary Lighting" that the company has earned over the years thanks to its sartorial approach,
to the variety of materials used, to the elegance of the finishes and their combination with the most innovative LED technologies.

Federico Peri, Studiopepe, Adam Tihany, Maria Vafiadis, Jan Van Lierde, Servomuto, and Massimiliano Raggi
are some of the prestigious designers that are cooperating with Contardi, and that are taking part in this growth and renovation process.

The "Home-away-from-home" trend has been the starting point for this project,
since you can now find in workplaces and hotels more and more elements of decor that remind the concept of home-feeling,
and because of that more informal and less institutional environments are now preferred even in public spaces.

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