Baggy fl trio


Baggy is an eclectic collection of lamps with an informal and playful mood, like the oversized trousers that inspire its name.
Each Baggy lamp consists of individual modules of different sizes that allow total freedom of composition.
The Baggy Trio floor lamp is composed of three elements in double-satin polycarbonate diffusers of different heights – 150, 160 and 180 cm – with the irregular appearance of a crumpled paper tubes, while the base is in grey finish. The distinctive soft textile cord in white/grey – a detail that expresses the brand’s archi-decorative stylistic code – becomes a joining element for the table and floor variants adn supports the lamp in the suspended version.
Baggy is also available in the suspension and table lamp versions.
What makes Baggy special is the organic shape, containing a custom LED that emits light in a magical and unexpected way.

Year of release: 2023

Light source:
1 x 195W
Custom Strip LED
Light emission: 20.010 Lm

Dimmable with foot control


Dual satin policarbonate


White/grey colour fabric rope

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