Fly outdoor

h.60 / h.90

A decisive statement, this lighting bar emits a line of brightness that illuminates and delights.
Fly is a versatile outdoor lamp that can be used in the commercial and hospitality sectors.

Fly’s light bar is available in bronze painted and black lacquered finishes with marine grade treatment.
Fly Outdoor is also offered in two different heights, 60 or 90 cm, with double light emission. IP65 protection makes it ideal for outdoor use, in transit areas, driveways, as well as gardens.

Fly Outdoor can be fixed directly to a hard surface or using the picket (separate accessory).

Year of release: 2023

Light source:

Fl h.60
1 x 8W
Custom LED
2700 K; CRI: >90

Fl h.90
1 x 12.5W
Custom LED
2700 K; CRI: >90


Bronze lacquered
Black lacquered

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