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A decisive statement, this lighting bar emits a line of brightness that illuminates and delights.
Fly is a versatile lamp that can be used in different rooms of the house, or in the commercial and hospitality sectors.
Fly’s light bar, available in satin golden nickel, brushed bronze-nickel and anthracite finishes, thanks to the "vela" accessory, is delicately shaded by a textile diffuser in either white cotton or Calacatta marble-effect fabric.

Fly Remote/Wall-mounted provides double light emission, direct and indirect.

Also available as a Linear and Multiple suspension light, Picture, Torch, Floor/Long, Remote/Wall-mounted and Outdoor versions.

Year of release: 2022

Light source:
Double emission

1 x 21W
Strip LED
2.700 K; CRI: >90

2 x 14W
Strip LED
2.700 K; CRI: >90

Phase cut dimming/Triac - 1-10V dimming systems available on demand


Satin golden nickel
Brushed bronze-nickel

Vela accessory

White Calacatta marble printed fabric
White cotton
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